A Look Back

It's a busy time.  Well, the whole month of July was a busy time, but everything seems to becoming to a head as school gets back into session.  As a school with an alternative calendar, we always go back after about eight weeks of time off for the summer.  

So, it is time to scan through my camera archives......

Earlier this month, in Ireland, we stopped alongside a country road.  An abandoned abbey was sitting in a cow pasture and I cannot imagine having something so historic and beautiful on my own field.  

Some handy steps, located on a stone fence were duly noted.  I think it is too bad these are not utilized anymore.  Clamoring over a wire fence is no good, I tell ya.  

A few walls were still standing....

with fantastic detail on the stonework.  Hard to imagine this being built.  

Even after dodging the cow patties, it was still hard to leave.  

"We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us."  

Winston Churchill  

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  1. That was awesome, thanks for sharing.

  2. Ireland is a beautiful country-So much to see, so much history. You are right, I could not imagine having so much history in my backyard.


  3. Incredible site & sight!! Not to mention the historical value of it all!!

  4. Nice ruins are always a treat to see. I do like those stone steps.

  5. I enjoyed my time in Ireland as well. Beautiful old ruins.

  6. gorgeous. i would love to see more please. i hope 2 get there one day. thx 4 sharing. have a nice week. lots of rain happening here in VA. ( ;

  7. I hope to someday visit Ireland. I know it is beautiful. hope your new school year will be a great one.

  8. Someday I would love to visit Ireland! These are awesome photos!

  9. Can imagine how this must have been centuries ago. Those windows are so designed to protect against invaders. Had been to Ireland last year. What a wonderful place.

  10. Great find! Incredible amount of history in that part of the world.
    On a side note, the reason the windows are shaped like that is for the archers to shoot from.

  11. Hello, pretty images from your trip. I love these ruins. Enjoy your day!

  12. We certainly have nothing like this in our 'young' country. I wonder how the local people think about it.

  13. Oh my Michelle . . .
    Lovely Lovely message as I open my iPad this morning . . .
    Nothing else like it . . .
    To imagine how they figured it out . . .
    To imagine the energy it took . . .
    To imagine the hope, zest, promise in their hearts . . .
    Lovely . . .
    So very happy you were able to touch that land with your eyes and heart.

  14. my ONE trip, out of the country, would be ireland. beautiful captures from your trip!!

  15. Very interesting, and I like the quote, too!

  16. It is such a shame that modern buildings are not built to that standard. I heard recently that a modern housing scheme here had a design liffe of 40 years. I thought we were supposed to be sustainable these days!


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