Friday Randoms

A peek through the hedges at Bunratty Castle.   

All of the great sunflower fields across America can be found here.  

Amazon Prime Day is almost upon us.  Here are a few deals to look out for....

The right way to make a real Italian Ragu, according to three Nonnas.  I will be taking their advice.  

Leaving you with some Daryl Hall for the weekend.
  Make it a good one!  

Linking up with Tom!  


  1. Love these old stone farm buildings.
    And the pigs, too.
    (happy friday)

  2. Nice stone house. Staying away from Amazon, I buy too much

  3. What a treat to see all the fields of sunflowers. Nice to see my state of MD made the list. : )

  4. Beautiful picture...
    Love from Titti

  5. The castle look a little cramped when all the lords and ladies show up....:)

  6. I Love Daryl Hall!!
    Sunflowers are one of my favorites and they just scream SUMMER!
    Isn't amazon so clever....they've created their own holiday. :)

  7. Beautiful pastoral scene!
    Any time I see a herd of sheep I always look to see if there is a Maremma (LGD) nearby...

  8. Pretty scene, I love the sheep. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and new week!


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