St. Mary's Cathedral

Taphophile ~ a person who has a passion for and enjoys cemeteries, epitaphs, photography, history, and art of deaths; also known as a tombstone tourist, graver, grave hunter, or cemetery enthusiast 

That definition would describe me.  A person who, no matter where she travels, always searches out the best graveyards she can find.  In Limerick I found St. Mary's Cathedral.  Founded in 1168, it is the oldest building in Limerick still in daily use.  

While the church is stunning in its history and architecture, I was most interested in the cemetery.  

The Celtic Cross is a plentiful symbol.  

Some are simple in their decoration.....

and others are quite elaborate.  

All were beautiful.  


  1. The Celtic crosses are beautiful. I have one in my home that my husband bought for me. I would like to visit the cathedral with its rich history.

  2. So glad there is someone else like me. I love the old gravestones and statues.

  3. In some European countries you lease your plat for 20 years.If you don't renew this it can be reused. This happened in Austria to Mozart who died a pauper. He later received a benefactor and was exhumed and place back in a nicer cemetery.

  4. That is a wonderful historic place and I loved the Celtic crosses. I'm glad you got to go. I wish I had gone when I was young enough to walk and walk. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. You could call my wife a taphophile and museophile... Don't matter where we go we have to check out the museums and graveyards.
    You got some great pictures of the Celtic Crosses!

  6. I must have some of that Taphophile in me too . . .
    And the cemeteries in Ireland are like no other . . .
    The Celtic crosses in the Limerick cemetery are a collection of every Celtic design, shape, height possible it seems . . . We made wax rubbings of some of the designs on our first trip to Ireland. Not from this cemetery, although I too have visited here. (Have wax crayons and parchment paper handy when you travel. Wonderful way to capture art treasure like this.). I am happy you were able to spend time here and to have seen St. Mary’s Cathedral. Impossible to imagine how they moved stone to build such structures.

  7. Hello, it is a beautiful cathedral. I like the Celtic crosses. Enjoy your day and new week!

  8. Oh I like walking in cemeteries too.

  9. The church and cemetery are a beautiful sight!

  10. I THOUGHT that looked like Ireland!!! I LOVE those high crosses! I told my husband that that's what I want for our grave stone... but that would look pretty odd next to all the lower ones, huh?...


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