Appalachian Phrase of the Day

Growing here on the Farmette.  

With a fair amount of politics in the news lately, (fair amount being facetious)  I thought it appropriate for this  Appalachian phrase to be political in nature.  Good times...right?!  

"These candidates don't miss a chance.  They even work a funeral like a bee in a rosy-briar, shaking hands with everybody."  

"The day I sell my vote will be when my cows come home."  
"You haven't got any cows.  Not even a heifer."  
"That's what I mean."  

"That's the rule in this country.  Anything you can beat the government out of, that's honest."  

All of these phrases, and so many more, can be found in, The Wolfpen Notebooks.    Written by James Still, this book is a compilation of his life and the life he observed around him in the Kentucky hills.  A life that little was written about and Mr. Still does it justice with his observations.  

If you are interested in Appalachian life, it is so worth your time.  


  1. I hope it's a good voting day turnout for those who live in the country and work hard every day! What a blessing it is to vote and help to shape our democracy... We are incredibly blessed to live in America, where we have freedom to choose. I'm praying for good results today.
    Blessings on your day! Net

  2. ...politics, don't get me going.

  3. Hello, I enjoyed the phrases. I can not wait until the Nov 6th election is over. Your tomatoes look delicious. Have a happy day and week ahead.

  4. So I take it this is a kinder glimpse than HillBilly Elegy - which I found to be ... mean? unfair? But I don't know what it is to live there so that's an outside opinion.

    1. Karen, I did not care for Hillbilly Elegy, at all. I also thought it to be mean and unfair. The Wolfpen Notebooks is a different sort of book reflecting upon life well lived in Appalachia, though not without some hard times.

  5. I enjoyed those quotes. I also look forward to the November elections being over and hope that we get some well-needed balance back in Washington DC. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. I love those phrases! We have primary elections in our state today and I'm ready for it to be done. I'm so sick of those political phone calls!

  7. I get so sick of politics I could all seems so mean and ugly.

  8. Good sayings there. Except for the last one as proven by the Manefort types who cheat out of paying their taxes on their ill gotten millions....:(

  9. I like the phrase, but politics.
    have a wonderful day

  10. Love your delicious cherry tomatoes Michelle.. your politics are far too complicated for me to understand 😉

  11. Nice sayings and nice tomatoes. I love tomatoes!

  12. Those tomatoes wouldn't last long with my granddaughters around. Susie grows tomatoes and the girls pick them and eat them as soon as they turn red.

  13. I love colloquialisms! Sorry, byt the swamp has been replaces by a sewer

  14. Nice group of sayings!

    I don't even live in the US and our Canadian news is still full of American Politics!

  15. Liking your Appalachian Phrases of the Day posts . . .
    And this had me in a mini giggle early here in the morning . . .
    A keeper . . .

    "These candidates don't miss a chance.
    They even work a funeral like a bee in a rosy-briar, shaking hands with everybody."


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