Friday Randoms

A neighbor's cows grazing.  It was a pleasant Sunday photo.  

This lady is spot on with her karaoke.  Just so you know, I am the lady in the background with the plate....

A little Irish dancing for you.  

Are you a fan of Ikea?  Here is a peek at their 2019 catalog.  

Leaving you with some Chris Stapleton and Justin Timberlake.  Enjoy and have a great weekend!  

Linking up with Tom today!  


  1. Hello, the karaoke lady was great. Well done! Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  2. The karaoke lady is a HOOT!!! I can never get enough of JT and CS; they're a fabulous combo together.

  3. Wow that Irish dancing was amazing!!!

  4. Cow grazing pic is great . . .
    So was the karaoke gal . . . couldn’t see much of you, a plate or cup?
    I think JT is a musical genius . . . CS is great too . . .

  5. My Friday is about as random as it gets. Making salsa, cleaning house, catching up laundry, writing program descriptions for two upcoming events, researching lawn mower batteries...and on it goes.

  6. I'm always a fan of cows!
    The karaoke lady was great - and I saw you!
    Those little dancers are amazing.
    I'm not a fan of Ikea's modern furniture, but I love a lot of their other things!
    Good music!

  7. Your rapper friend cracked me up.. what a hoot! Will also watch the dancers. We're off to my niece's wedding tomorrow.. I'm still tired from my trip! Oh well! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. I can't believe that woman memorized all that! and I love the Irish dancers. The pictures of the cows is so peaceful.

  9. What a lovely photo of the cows. Their grazing pasture is so much better than what my neighbor's cows have, but they get fed hay twice a day, and frequently escape to my place and other fields close by. Being Swedish, I'm happy for the success of IKEA, but I have never bought anything there.

  10. I loved the Irish dancing! My grandmother would get up and do a step dance till she was nearly 80 and she was good!

  11. She sure looked like she was having a great time...thanks for sharing, Michelle.

  12. Hi, Small Town this post...Irish dance...oh, it


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