Friday Randoms

Hay rolls all around Smalltownland.  Getting ready for winter. 

You can watch Florence come into Cape Fear on the Frying Pan Tower camera.  

I cannot imagine being in this market when the train comes through.  

Who wants a Stingray for a friend?  

Leaving you with Justin Timberlake doing a cover of a Jackson's song.  Get up out of your chairs,'s Friday!  

Linking up with Tom today.  


  1. ...those big round bales are all over the place here.
    ...the calm before the storm.
    ...oh boy!
    ...I'd rather have a Stingray Vette.
    ...thanks, but I'll pass on this one.
    Michelle, I hope that you have a good weekend.

  2. A great series for Friday 5!
    We are seeing a lot of hay being baled here, too
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Hello, it does look tight around those train tracks. I hope everyone in the path of Florence stay safe.
    The person with the stingray is brave. Happy Friday, enjoy your day and weekend!

  4. I don't know where that train was but oh my that is not a good situation.

  5. I always like seeing hay bales. Wonderful series!

  6. A really nice pic, Michelle! Not something I see in the city!

  7. I always love seeing the haybales! Nice shot.

  8. The hay bales are common up this way too in the countryside.

  9. Love those Hay Rolls, My goodness that market is something else., Cool shots of the Stingray. The music selection, not my thing but certainly very energetic. Have a great weekend.

  10. Have a LOVELY friday (and weekend too)...
    Hug, Titti

  11. Love the getting ready for winter image Michelle. Oh my gosh the market video was amazing, the market people were so casual about the train passing through 😀 Florence is scary and Justin Timberlake is fabulous!

  12. Nice series of photos. We are seeing hay bales around here too.

  13. Can I still get up out of my chair even if it is Tuesday as I read this post? Always love your random links ... videos I would never find otherwise. Fun stuff.


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