Friday Randoms

A scene on my way to the grocery store.  Seriously......

As a fan of Banksy, even I was shocked at this recent sale.  

Our weather has finally turned into fall and I feel like I need one of these blankets I bet you do too....the price is too good to pass up.  

Need a good Halloween costume?  Here are a few clever suggestions.  I have one and my students tried to squeeze the info out of me....not happening.  

Leaving you with some Waylon this Friday.  I hope your weekend is a good great one.  

Linking up with Tom today.  


  1. ...I'd go shop more often.
    ...that was amazing.'s great to pull the cover up at night.
    ...Halloween just isn't my thing.
    ...but Waylon is.
    Thanks for stopping by, enjoy!

  2. Pretty scene!
    It is suddenly cooler here, too - time for the blankets. Forecast high today is 70F. One week ago, yes, last Friday, our high was 92F.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Hello, pretty scene and photo. It is cooler here too, that blanket looks warm. Enjoy your day and weekend!

  4. Liked your comment about teachers. I am in a bike club of teachers called the Misfits, a real rough and tumble group . LOL lots of fun to have these gals as friends

  5. Your trip to the store is much prettier than mine!

  6. Those blankets are very popular. What they look like to me is suffocation. I don't even wear slightly weighty sweaters...

    Love the photo!

  7. What a beautiful peaceful picture.

  8. What a gorgeous scene!
    I saw the Banksy story - I have to wonder what the top bidder thought?
    Yup - I need a blanket!
    Those are some funny costumes!
    Waylon! Haven't heard him for some time.

  9. Wonderful “on the way to the grocery store” photo catch . . .
    Bansky pulled off a 1.3 mil “magic” “Banskied” for sure!
    My granddaughter crocheted one of those chunky blankets.
    Fast, heavy, warm, not inexpensive . . . kept her cuddled while she was crocheting.

  10. Sunday again...the weekends goes fast! Have a lovely day!

  11. That blanket would come in handy here in NH in the coming months. DO-it-yourself Halloween costumes are fun for those with a creative talent. We have warnings of frost in some areas this week here in NH.


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