A Taphophile in New Orleans

New Orleans has that certain something that other cities I have visited, just don't have.  What is it....the culture, the history, the food, or maybe the cemeteries.  I love a good cemetery and New Orleans has plenty to choose from.  

Lafayette Cemetery No. 1 is quite a gem, for a Taphophile like myself.  

The rusty architecture.....

and the crypts, with their weathered facades, just feed my cemetery fever.  

I adore the history and the gothic look and feel of the area.  

A little overgrowth just adds to the feeling.  

"There's is certain things in life that I love.  One is architecture.  And, music, culture, food, people.  NEW ORLEANS has all of that."  

Lenny Kravitz


  1. Fun to always look around.The water levels prohibit going into the ground or they might pop back up and have.

  2. I am also a fellow Taphophile and cemeteries are fascinating places. if you ever travel to New England, Michelle, do visit the Hope Cemetery in Barre, VT. It was quite unforgettable experiencefor u.

  3. The crypts definitely feel like New Orleans.

  4. For a field trip for my son we went to the oldest cemetery in our area.. That was also nice. I don't know whether the word 'nice 'I should use, but it was.

  5. Well I learned a new word...Taphophile...and in many ways, I believe I'm one too! I so enjoy walking through a really cool cemetery and reading the names and dates. I try to imagine what their lives might be like and let my imagination run wild. I have never been to New Orleans but you have shared some very interesting burial places.

  6. We've not visited a New Orleans' cemetery but we've spent some time at other cemeteries in southern Louisiana. I've always found them to be most interesting and quite different than cemeteries in our northern states. Sound like you had a fun trip in New Orleans.

  7. I have walked these (the St. Louis #1 and #2) in NOLA...they're awesome.

  8. Certainly a big difference from cemeteries here, where a vast majority of the dead are buried below the ground.

  9. Cemeteries are always interesting to walk in. I love to read people's headstones, they always amaze me.


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