Friday Randoms

It has been some crazy icy conditions and snow, and more snow, and who knows what else is to come.  It is only November in Kentucky.  I am speechless......

What is the weirdest job in your state?  Well, just click here to find out.  

Just recently I have had a Jello mold that was delicious.  Other Thanksgiving throw-back dishes can be found here.  

Who doesn't love a miniature fairy house?  Just click here to find the best ones.  

Sending you into the weekend with some Miche Braden.  What a voice......

Linking up with Tom today.  


  1. We had a bit of snow overnight but it is all melting. Too early!!

  2. ...snow, 8 " of it overnight.
    ...the jobs aren't weird, the list is. bean casserole and mandarin orange jello has always been a part of our Thanksgiving. on a miniature scale.
    ...PMJ rocks!
    Thanks Michelle.

  3. getting a taste of that tonight, hope it leaves fast

  4. I think the weirdest job there was the dog surfing instructor 😀😀 Looking pretty chilly over your way Michelle, warming up here, we had our first 35C today! Have a super weekend, cosy up and enjoy the chill ✨

  5. No snow here, just terrible tangible smoke from the devastating fires 120 miles to the north of us.
    We need rain so badly.
    I will add my Thankful Thursday here too.
    I am thankful our nieces and nephew and their families are safe since they live in the fire zone.
    fires have completely eliminated the town of Paradise, California and part of Magalia California.
    One of our nieces home was burned to the ground but they are okay.
    My heart aches for so many deaths, 63 at last count, homes gone ,business gone, livestock gone....
    how does one start over?
    The hospital in Paradise was burned completely. Another of our nieces is a RN there. The nurses rescued all the patients and got them to other facilites barely making it out of the area alive.
    All of this boggles my mind.
    Thanks for letting me share. My photo blog has a few photos of the last few days.

  6. Snow? Now? It´s a bit too early I think...or?
    Have a lovely weekend :)
    Love from Titti

  7. Sunny here. Professional Snuggler - Oregon. Love the fairy houses! We always have green bean casserole and candied yams with our turkey dinner! Have a wonderful weekend. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. Wonderful macro!

    It is snowing outside at present, and the ground's cold enough that it's probably going to stay. The Rideau Canal here is freezing over early, and schools were closed due to the snow today. That's probably more the school board worrying about litigation in case of a bus crash as opposed to the snow really warranting closures.

  9. We've had lots of snow here already, and sleet and ice this morning. What a start to winter!
    Michigan - furniture tester!
    Some of those throwbacks are classics... :)
    Those houses are pretty amazing.

  10. We have the ice and snow too.
    It sure is pretty.

  11. We are experiencing, I believe, what the scientists have been telling us for several years: global warming is going to bring us weird weather conditions. The California fires are another example and here in central Florida we've had a very long and very hot summer, getting some cooler weather just in the past several days. Interesting shot, Michelle. I like how you were able to show the little globs of ice.

  12. Great song that Purple Rain. Love all the fairy houses. .Have a lovely weekend

  13. I am so thankful we haven't had snow yet. Sorry you are getting it in Ky.


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