Friday Randoms

This Italian gentleman looks just as puzzled about the flying donkey as I was.  

I feel as though I need one of these for winter.  

Sprinkles on toast?  Maybe not for me. 

Some great finds right here, including a Roomba vaccuum.  My friend has one
 she named Linda....

Leaving you with Vince Gill and friends for this Friday.  
Make this weekend a good one, won't you?  

Linking up with Tom today.  


  1. I think I need a flying donkey... great photo! Have a good weekend, Michelle!

  2. The donkey looks like he's trying to get in the window. Maybe 'eyore ways tries to do that. Also fascinated by the window, top left, which looks as though it's reflecting a mountain scene - or, more interestingly...there's a mountain inside the room.

  3. Hey the sprinkles on toast sounds pretty good to me. I might just have to try it.
    My mom's side of the family is Dutch. : )

  4. I like the flying donkey!
    When my daughter was still at home, she made a whole bunch of nose muffs for me because I am always cold. She had fabric for every holiday, fabric for spring, summer and fall and even some striped fabric that looked like prison uniforms, in case I was ever in jail! :)
    I've seen the sprinkles on toast because of my Dutch heritage and lots of Dutch things around my area, but it doesn't look good to me.
    Love the deals, and the music!

  5. That's a very different kind of Pegasus!

  6. Just say NO to the nose warmer! lol....


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