Old Christmas in Appalachia

Today's marks the day of, "Old Christmas", or Epiphany in Appalachia.  Known as Three King's Day in other regions, it marks the day the Three Kings paid a visit to the infant Jesus.  

It also marks the twelfth day of Christmas.  

Growing up we kept our Christmas tree and decorations up well past New Year's Eve and I always accepted that.  Today I asked my mom why we did this and she said it was always that way when she was growing up.  Thus, she kept the tradition.  

Do you keep this type of tradition?  I confess I did not this year.  The decor was down well before Epiphany.  

Linking up this barn with The Barn Collective today.  Can I say I am wishing for some snow?!  This photo is from a couple of years ago.  It seems to only be rain these days.  


  1. I leave ours up until after the 12th day.

  2. I love this shot...no, even though I am of the hills of eastern Tennessee, I do not keep my tree up. It usually comes down the day after Christmas. I love every moment of it being up, but when Christmas is over, I don't want it up another minute. However, I sometimes leave my nativity set up for weeks, and also a Christmas stocking my friend made me may stay up for two or three weeks after.

  3. I have in previous years kept Christmas until Epiphany . . .
    Not this year however . . . I must admit the warm weather,
    green, rain and more rain seemed to urge me on to close the
    door on 2018. I am wishing for snow too. Lovely picture!

  4. I took down Christmas décor on New Years day. It is only recently that I have heard about Epiphany. Would not be a problem for me to leave them until then as I do not have a live tree but think for those who do it could be a problem.

  5. My mum called it Little Christmas and we always kept everything up till after that and I still do.

  6. Ours is still up but will be coming down soon.

  7. My mom left the tree up until new year...so, I seem to do the same thing! We need snow here too!

  8. I was wondering if you'd gotten some of the white stuff. They're saying that we won't get any at all this year. Dang. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  9. Happy New Year Michelle.
    Our family typically leaves the tree up until New Year's Day. By January 2 we are usually ready to get going with the new year.

    All the best,

  10. Nice shot. We take our tree down on January 1.

  11. I wish I had started this tradition when my kids were small. It would have made the holidays even more spiritually based.


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