Super Prep Sunday

It's a great Sunday here on The Farmette.  We are prepared for storms, but have had sunny skies all day.  Strong winds, but still enjoyable weather.  

Everything is blooming and it is such a nice change from winter.  I enjoy winter for the respite it brings, but I also enjoy spring for the rebirth of plants of all kinds.  

Our upcoming week is full of softball games and a new queen bee should arrive towards the end of the week.  Let's hope it is a smooth transition as I attempt to split a hive.  

Where ever you are, I hope your week brings good weather and good times.  

Stay positive....

Linking up with The Barn Collective today.  


  1. ...I must not be in tune with storms, hope things go well. Things are popping here, all we need a week of warm weather and them it will be an explosion. Enjoy your week.

  2. Beautiful!
    Have a great week!

  3. Invitation to blog presentation
    Dear Michelle,
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  4. Hello, love the pretty blooms and blossoms. We are expecting the high winds today. Pretty photos.
    Enjoy your day! Have a great new week ahead.

  5. We got rain all day yesterday. Good luck with the bees!

  6. nice to have a storm pass you by, it was a blizzard to the north 200 miles and today I am riding my bike in shorts

  7. Pretty colours, nice sky.
    We have very strong wind and colder temps these last few days. :(
    Enjoy your week, Michelle.

  8. The blossoms are beautiful and a welcome sight after a hard winter. Stay safe.

  9. After a stormy night on Sunday and a day of rainstorms today to start off the week, hope our weather improves for the upcoming holiday weekend. Good luck on splitting the hive and having a new queen as well.

  10. You're splitting a hive? You are a BRAVE woman!!! Good luck!

  11. Pretty scenes! We had a storm yesterday and cold winds today.

  12. Nice to see all those spring blooms. We had I HOPE our last windy freezing snowy day yesterday. Today blue skies and no wind.


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