Appalachian Word of the Day

fixin:  v.  getting ready to  
example:  I am fixin' to cook supper.  

It's quite possible this word has appeared on this blog before.  With summer break before me, I am fixin' to do a lot of things.  


I am fixin' to hang clothes on the line.  

I am fixin' to plant flowers.  

I am fixin' to assemble raised garden beds.  

It's always nice to have some time to complete tasks, attempt projects, and watch a movie/read a book or two.  

What are you fixin' to do?  


  1. ...why use more letters than necessary?

  2. Great picture of the cow.
    Looks like you're fixin' to be busy.
    I'm fixin' to continue working on my natural fence.

  3. Enjoy your freedom from your job.. I'm fixin' to cut up some fresh local Oregon strawberries and sprinkle sugar on them and let them "set" and put over vanilla ice cream. :-)

  4. I have soooo much to do in the garden this summer...nice!
    Love from Titti

  5. Hello, fixin is a great word. Enjoy your summer break! Have a happy day!

  6. fun post and that word "Fixin" is one used quite often here in East Texas. I hope you enjoy your summer break and that all those fixin's get done.

  7. I'm fixin' to write a few long overdue notes to some dear friends.
    I'm fixin' to sell some "treasures" on EBay.
    And I am fixin' to loose those illusive few pounds that keep returning...
    I'm fixin' to behave!!

  8. I'm fixin to make a smoothie and do some laundry. ;) I say this on the regular.

  9. I'm fixin' to clean my house and do laundry! heehee! I would rather be goin' on a hike but it's too hot! lol Hugs!

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