Friday Randoms

School is finally out for the summer.....for the teachers!  That means some blogging and time for extra coffee this morning. 

Here are some baby animals....just because.   

The week in photos never disappoints.  

Fireflies, or lightening bugs as we call them, are a summer staple.  If you have the chance, you can visit them here.  

Leaving you with some Mick Jagger for the weekend.  Not his usual work, but I think you will like it.  

Linking up with Tom today.  


  1. Love your Friday Randoms. That prickly thistle is gorgeous.
    Happy time off for summer.

  2. I wouldn't want to bump in to that thistle. Nice looking but sharp as a needle.
    Have a great weekend and congrats for the ending of the school year.

  3. First...pretty thistle photo. 2ndly..
    YAY. Summer vacstion. At least for a while.

  4. Enjoy your summer break.

    All the best Jan

  5. I loved seeing all the baby animals. Delightfully cute.
    Always surprised how early school ends and starts for you!

  6. Enjoyed seeing all the baby animals , the wee foxes are adorable 💛 oh how I would love to see a forrest alive with fireflies, what an amazing sight it must be. Enjoy your weekend Michelle ✨

  7. That flower looks like it might bite back. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. Mick sounds like he's been watching Hee Haw... and maybe drinking some moonshine!

  9. Hello, great randoms. I love the baby animals. So cute. The fireflies are a beautiful sight. The week of photos and shot from Everest is just amazing. Thanks for sharing. Happy Memorial Day weekend! Enjoy your summer, YAY!

  10. School doesn't end here until the end of June.

  11. Great collection this week! I miss seeing lightning bugs at night.

  12. I love thistle blooms, from a distance. Nice photos, Michelle.

  13. What is it about baby animals? They tug at our hearts.
    The photos are amazing...all those people waiting at the summit? Amazing!
    I can't believe the Rolling Stones are touring right now-no retirement for them.
    Enjoy your time off

  14. Hey very nice blog!


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