Friday Randoms

I have cherry tomatoes that are ripe.  The perfect thing for a fresh salad.  

I had my own DNA tested for genealogy purposes and it was awesome.  Here is a test kit for your pup.  Seriously......

Saw this refreshing summertime drink on a show this morning.  Here is the recipe.  

I saw Cats many years ago and enjoyed it, but the new movie version is having some controversy.  You can check out a creepy version of its trailer here.  

Leaving you with Helen Humes and her All Star Band for the weekend.  What talent!  

Linking up with Tom today.  


  1. ...I have to go to the farm stand.
    ...for your dog?
    ...I'll stick with ice water thank you.
    ...I saw the musical.
    ...she's new to me, I will check her out.
    Thanks Michelle. Stay cool.

  2. Oh my! That summertime drink looks good. Thanks for sharing the link. Your cherry tomatoes look perfect.

  3. Yum , I love cherry tomatoes
    Don't even want to do a DNA on myself much less my dog or cat
    Anything Watermelon is so not for me.
    I've never seen Cats but this one did seem a bit strange

  4. I love cherry tomatoes and eat them like candy when they are fresh!
    I did a DNA test last year - so interesting. Not for my dog though. :)
    Looks like a yummy drink, and pretty too.
    Don't know about that movie!
    Never heard of her, but that was good!

  5. When I was a kid I don't remember anything but "full size" tomatoes but now we buy grape or cherry tomatoes more than any other kind, and they are delicious. Sometimes we just have them for a snack, and they are a fixture in salads.

  6. Hello, I am starting to see some of my cherry tomatoes. They are great for salads. I am not sure if I could justify a DNA test for a dog. Enjoy your day, happy weekend.

  7. I can vouch for the watermelon ;-D.

  8. Wish I could afford the ancestry DNA test! Nothing can beat homegrown tomates. And CATS...saw the broadway version too.

  9. Oh those cherry tomatoes look divine!

  10. I've been eating my cherry tomatoes this week!

  11. Tell me about your DNA test. Dutch roots?

  12. Cherry tomatoes … yum!

    All the best Jan

  13. We never grew cherry tomatoes when we farmed in VA, but I would be addicted to eating them off the vine if we had. Yours look wonderful, Michelle.

  14. Cherry tomatoes are like candy. Enjoy!
    Cats looks a bit far out for my liking. ;)
    I'm digging the blues this morning.

  15. Neither me or the dog need one of those DNA tests, apparently we are both "Noying", at least according to my wife...
    Tomatoes up this way are still a month away...


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