Shots From the Week

It's Tuesday and I know the week has only begun, but it is a busy one.  The wildflowers continue to grow and attract all kind of flying insects.   

The mead seems to be coming along well....I think.  Hard to say, as I have never attempted this project before.  After this photo it went right back to its cool, dark hiding spot.  

Our kitten, Rosie, continues to grow and never passes up the opportunity for an afternoon nap.  Never....

I have a small batch of sauerkraut on the brew.  I think this is more of a personal sized batch.  I am the only person who is interested in this, so half of a cabbage in these jars.  I used this recipe.  

In other hot news my classroom is ready.  Teachers have professional development next week and open house for all students.  

It's on people....


  1. Like those wild flowers in your first picture. Lots of them around here but I don't know what they are. Beautiful picture.

  2. ...I've never tried making sauerkraut, but dill pickles I'm good at.

  3. I'm loving the wildflowers around here too.
    I hope that mead turns out.
    Rosie is adorable!
    No! We can't be talking about school already...

  4. I cannot believe you will be back to school in two weeks! What kind of summer vacation is that? I sure hope there are long breaks throughout the year to make up for it. Is that chicory? I love the color of that and how delicate the plant and blossom are.

  5. No! Much too soon :) I would rather stay just like that kitten!!

  6. I am also the the only person who is interested "zuurkool". Good idea for eating it in Summer:

  7. Rosie looks like she is enjoying life.

  8. Pretty wildflowers! Cute kitten!

  9. That was a short summer break! The mead is looking pretty. Rosie is living the life. :)


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