Friday Randoms

It's frosty, cold, a bit rainy, and I am over it.  Mother Nature seems unconcerned.  

Like a strange foreign restroom?  Well, here you go.....

I do love a good holiday home tour and if you do too, you can vote for your favorite right here.  

I've been enjoying the British series, The Auction House, and you might too......

Been listening to a bit  lot of Bluegrass lately.  I'll leave you with a selection of this, that, or the other.  

Linking up with Tom today.  


  1. I love your frosty pic! Stay warm, Michelle!

  2. ...this morning I'm looking out at a bit of snow.
    ...they all have a touch of class.
    ...and I'll be home for Christmas. to me!
    ...Rocky Top is at the top!
    Thanks Michelle for checking in, enjoy your weekend.

  3. The bathrooms are very strange indeed! I also love a good holiday home holiday decor seems so inadequate now though. ;)
    OMG on the weird auction items. Different strokes for different folks.

  4. Nice frosty picture. We had a very light dusting of snow and it is cold and windy.
    Those sure are some different looking bathrooms!!
    Beautifully decorated Christmas houses.

  5. I enjoyed the peek at Japanese washrooms! My DH and one of my sons spent some time in Japan and their stories were more of the " hole-in-the-floor" type toilets.

  6. Getting close to having our first frost here in Atlanta. Not looking forward to cold weather. xo Laura

  7. Best wishes for a happy weekend...
    Love from a grey Sweden and Titti

  8. Does look frosty! Stay warm...enjoy your day!


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