Friday Randoms

Tools anyone?  A local auction's supply.....

I cannot imagine being in the water and having this whale come swimming by....oh my.  

I love a good dog and many can be found here.  

I'm a little bit crafty and if you are too, then you can make a few of these Christmas DIY gifts.  

Leaving you with a favorite today.  And old one, but a good one.  

Linking up with Tom today. 


  1. I have a friend who already has a storehouse of tools sufficient to fill the shelves of a big box store who would be unable to pass that table by without buying something!

  2. Oh my that whale would have scared me to death!

  3. Hello, I am sure someone would love to have all those tools. The whale does look close and BIG. I wish I was a creative and crafty person. I can cook. Adele has a lovely voice. Enjoy your day, have a happy weekend!

  4. Absolutely love your randoms today.
    Whales are amazing creatures but that's a bit too up close and personal.
    My brother in law couldn't pass up tools either. When he passed away we found tons of them in his sheds. More than any of us could ever use.

  5. I love those old rusty tools! My son and daughter in law got within about 20' of some humpbacks while scuba diving on their honeymoon. Exciting and scary at the same time!

  6. Tools of the trade. Nice photo, Michelle.

  7. I saw a few of those tools I'd have grabbed. Did you get some? I enjoyed the crafty ideas, I clicked through the whole lot and got some ideas. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8., you can NEVER have too many!
    ...I'll stay on shore, thank you.
    ...many seem to be all tongue.
    ...the French Fries Ornaments are a hoot.
    ...I'll stick with Amy Winehouse.
    Thanks Michelle for sharing.

  9. I had an old tools collection at one time.
    Wow amazing to be out on the water with the whale, but I wouldn't want to do it.

  10. My hubby has a collection of old tools. He would love these.
    That whale video is amazing! I can't imagine what the people in the water thought when they saw it.
    Those are some beautiful dogs!
    There are some cute gift ideas. Not sure about the French fry ornaments though. :)
    Love Adele, and especially that song!

  11. Here in California we often see whales - I wouldn't mind getting up close. Have you noticed how carefully the whale swims among the surfers? Such amazing creatures.

  12. Little late for Friday , but enjoyed thoroughly even late on a Monday evening. Thanks for the music and the smiles.

  13. Excellent capture Michelle. Loved the whale incident, the surfers didn't seem bothered at all. The Adele tribute to Amy Winehouse is wonderful 💙


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