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Back to the Beginning

A couple of weeks ago I was relaxing at my parent's house on the gulf coast.  Soaking up some rays and having a great time.  I also mentioned in passing that I adopted a dog while I was there.  

Yes, it was an unplanned event, but what do you do when you come upon an adoption event and this sweet face is looking at you?  

His name is Hunter and he is a one year old beagle mix.  He likes warm snuggles, raw hides, and running around The Farmette.  He also likes to:  
steal the wool dryer balls climb up on the counter top steal a stick of butter....and eat it shred a swiffer duster 
He is one mischievous little dude, but we love him just the same.  
I should also mention that I brought home this little lady, because when you come upon an adoption event and this face is looking at you, what do you do but bring her home?  Especially when you have already lost your mind and adopted a dog?  

My parents lacked surprise at my bringing two animals into their home, for a couple of days.  

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