Crisis averted

Here in smalltownland we have all been in the grips of deer season. I mean, I don't refer to my eleven year old son as the, "deerslayer", for nothing. He likes to keep his hunting schedule pretty tight. And, Secret Agent Man is an understanding dad who takes him out in the boondocks, at all hours, and sits in the deer stand with him.

Here, just recently, I was doing some laundry that involved some clothes from the deerslayer himself. I had dutifully checked pockets and picked up the bunch of clothes to put into the washer, when a funny, orange bottle dropped to the floor. Imagine my surprise when I read the writing on the bottle. It said: Tink's Scent Bomb. Hmmm....

The deerslayer comes into the house later and I ask him about it. His eyes get wide and a slight grin develops on his face.

He says: Did you open that?
Me: No, what is it?
Him: Go ahead Mom....I DARE YA!
Me: does it smell like.
Him:'s doe pee.
Me: I found this in the laundry pile.
Him: You almost washed that? *small chuckles that then turned into raucous laughter*

I told Secret Agent Man that I almost washed the scent bomb and a slight look of horror came upon his face. I can only imagine the repugnant smell that would have saturated our laundry room. As soon as this post is over, the small orange bottle is finding a new the garage.


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