The long and winding road

Yesterday Secret Agent Man, and myself, went for a drive around some of the smaller roads in the county. It was actually kind of a cloudy, gloomy day. At this point in the year, crops are out of the fields and the trees have all lost their leaves. It kind of seems that the landscape is in despair, but in reality it is just resting, waiting for spring.

Many barns still had tobacco hanging in the rafters. Just waiting until the right time to be taken to market.

One of my favorite scenes, out in the countryside, is the sight of an old farmhouse. Back in the day, this house would have been the center of the farm. It would have housed a large family that raised crops to sustain themselves.

Even though the house below is deserted, it still retains a lot of beauty. Decorative treatments along the roofline, tall windows, and a front porch are not typical of what you see today in houses.

Looking at a hipped roof and a lopsided mailbox, makes you wonder who the last person was to live there.


  1. I loved this post! I want to know who lived in the house-why they left-and why no relative ever came back to sell it or live in it. So many deserted old houses-I just wish they could talk.

  2. Great photos....each place looks like it has a story to tell.

  3. Around here, it seems to be the habit to build a newer house on a different part of the farm. But, no one does anything with the old house. They usually just become run down. I love old houses.

  4. Love the road picture. You need to print it and I'll put it in Rico's new office.


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