Friday Randoms


At this time, a few years ago, our neighbor's sweet donkey paid us a visit.  Here he is on his way home.  I like to think he was sad to leave.  

I feel like our kitten needs this fountain.  

Ellen DeGeneres shares her favorite things right here.  I don't know about all of the products, but I can vouch for those delicious chocolates.  

Looking for a healthy salad?  Here are some of the best and worst options.  

Sending you off into the weekend with some Love.  
RIP Captain.  

Linking up with Tom today.  


  1. ...donkeys seem to sad.
    ...WOW, it's on sale, 3% off!
    ...Ellen is a hoot.
    ...I eat salads at home.
    ...he was the lesser half.
    Thanks Michelle for stopping by, enjoy your weekend.

  2. I always wanted a donkey. I'm glad to see you accept anon comments and most of my friends do not. It is so frustrating as I still read and enjoy all the posts but miss commenting with them.

  3. Love donkeys so much! We used to visit one that we can't go see anymore. The owner sold him or gave him away. I miss seeing him in his little paddock when we drive by now.

  4. I miss my donkeys Catnip and Stetson...but they now have a job protecting, that's a good thing for them! Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. I love donkeys and that photo is absolutely beautiful.

  6. The donkey looks sad walking home.
    Thanks much for the kind comment you left on my blog yesterday. 😊

  7. What is cuter than a donkey? When I think of the way humans have abused these creatures (and continue to do so in many parts of the world) we owe them a little love and kindness.

  8. That was sad about the Captain especially when the clips of him are so young and healthy. It's cool your neighbors have a donkey, I wonder if that's a sign of good luck (: Happy New Year.

  9. I like your donkey shot!
    That's a cute little drinking fountain. I think your cat needs it too.
    I agree on the Dove chocolate too.
    I wish there was a Chick-fil-A near us. That salad looks good.
    Love me some Captain and Tenille, sad that he is gone.

  10. Have missed your Friday Randoms Michelle.. your cat would looove the water fountain, it's pretty fabulous! Ellen is a scream, got to love her. With summer upon us we will be eating lots of salads, thanks for the tips 😊 Happy New Year Michelle ✨

  11. I would have a pair of donkeys if our pasture was fenced.. which it's not as it got old and rusty and we haven't invested the jillion dollars it would cost to fence it. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  12. Happy New Year, Michelle! On our local news one of the stories was a herd of goats that escaped from someone's small farm recently. They had a habit of wandering but they were missing the longest ever and everyone was looking for them.

  13. Love the donkey image and I am amazed at how much salt is in a lot of those salads. I make my own at home.

  14. oooooh that donkey, so sweet!!! and ellen's favorites, walmart sponsored??!!


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